How I Got Rid of My Keratosis Pilaris With Raw Foods

What in the heck is Keratosis Pilaris?

Also called “chicken skin” (thank goodness the kids at school didn’t know that!), keratosis pilaris (aka KP) is a skin condition effecting approximately 40% of adults and 50-80% of adolescents.

It looks like this:

Yep, pretty gross. I had little red/white bumps just like these (but quite a bit more) all over my face and upper arms when I was younger.

I tried all different types of treatments, including exfoliants and topical medications like Retin-A, but these only seemed to aggravate the problem as well as my sensitive skin.

Much to my chagrin, I was told that there was no cure for KP, but that it might go away on its own as I got older.

Don’t believe this crap!

I completed eradicated my ugly chicken skin – naturally, without any medication – and haven’t had any returning symptoms at all in over three years.

Here’s how I did it:

#1: I Started Getting Some Sun

The very first thing I did over 5 years ago was get some sun after reading that it had helped others struggling with KP.

This helped tremendously! Not only did getting a tan make the bumps harder to see, but it actually cleared some of them up as well.

After only a few weeks of sunbathing, the keratosis pilaris on my face was almost completely gone.

#2: I Stopped Eating Junk

Even with my new-found tan, I still had keratosis pilaris all over my upper arms that were especially bad during the winter months. The bumps weren’t as pronounced as they had been, but they were still noticeable and they really bugged me.

Since I had always been told that KP was incurable, I reluctantly figured that I would be stuck with the little bumps forever.

For unrelated reasons, I adopted a vegan diet in 2006. I had heard that eating healthier could help my skin, but I didn’t really believe it. And after several months eating nothing but grains, fruits, and vegetables, I hadn’t seen much of an improvement at all.

It wasn’t until I went raw in 2007 and cut out all the wheat, oats, and rice that I had been eating that my keratosis pilaris cleared up COMPLETELY. I saw results almost immediately and after just a few months of eating a healthy and sustainable low fat raw vegan diet, all the tiny treacherous bumps were gone!

And to this day, over 3 years since I first went raw, I have not had one return visit from my “incurable” skin condition.

Want to Kill Your Keratosis Pilaris Once and for All?

If you’re sick of slathering on expensive creams that don’t work and have had it with the latest exfoliant that only leaves your skin raw and rashy, it’s time to go natural.

Start getting some sun and stop eating junk and you can get rid of those pesky skin polka dots, just like I did.

Your skin, your wallet, AND your waistline will thank you for it. :)

Go raw and be fit,




  1. Hi Swayze,
    I just found your site not long ago. Great articles! I have “chicken skin” on my chest, upper arms/shoulders, and tops on knees. It drives me nuts! I know that in the past the sun has helped. I live in the pacific northwest so its hard to get sun more much of the year.
    I was wonder what you think about tanning in tanning booths?

    Thanks for any advice you may have!

    Swayze Reply:

    Tanning beds can help with KP, but are not optimal for health or D production. For one, they produce mostly UVA radiation and at much higher levels than the sun. It’s exposure to UVB that’s needed to produce vitamin D.