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RAW VLOG #7: Working Out, Neck Pain, The Sandman, and Cats

Today I ramble on about fitness, including the problem with doing what you love when it comes to working out, my neck, and what I’m currently reading.


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Why I No Longer Wear Barefoot Shoes While Working Out

I love wearing barefoot-style shoes, but no longer wear them when I do high-impact exercise.

Here’s why.

Your Thoughts on Barefoot Shoes?

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My New Channel — FitnessDVDReview

I have a new channel: FitnessDVDReview! Can you guess what it’s about? 😉

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4 Tips to Help You Stick With Your Workout Plan

Today’s article is a special guest post that’s all about helping you stick with your exercise routine. Enjoy! :)

Going for a workout is going to get you sore and it’s going to make you sweat. It’s not a walk in the park, it’s an intense gym session. We call it a workout for a reason.

Your dedication to a workout routine you choose says a lot about you as a person. Giving up on your fitness goals usually means you’re a quitter. Dedication doesn’t mean spending two to three hours in the gym every day. That will just be extremely demotivating.

So how do you stick to a plan? I’ve been there and I know how it feels—it starts by missing one day, then two, then a week, and then you stop. But it won’t happen again…

Workout partner

Find yourself a workout partner! This can make going to the gym fun and adds a social aspect.

Some people may prefer working out alone, which is fine. But if you feel like working out has become a chore, then find someone in your social circle that enjoys exercising.

Having a workout partner can also help you get that extra rep in. You’ll also think twice when you feel like skipping a session—you don’t want to let your partner down, do you?

If you have no friends who want to get in shape, then find someone at the gym. They’ll usually be very receptive and will welcome you right away. If you can afford it, then hire a personal trainer. Your options are endless.


Music sets the mood for an intense workout. Nothing beats some drum and base—or Elton John, if that gets you pumped! I always put on my hood and plug myself in as I walk to the gym. It really puts me into the right mind-set.

Music tempo has shown to have an effect on exercise intensity. Having some fast paced music will really get the intensity rolling.

Listening to some tunes also takes your mind off stress and other worries. It gives you a chance to forget about work or your girlfriend and spend some time on yourself. If you have trouble with long gym sessions, then music will make time fly by, as well.

Daily goals

Long-term goals are always a good thing, like gaining weight/muscle or losing some fat. But only having long-term goals end up lessening daily workout importance.

You’ll find yourself missing a workout or two because “it doesn’t do any harm in the long run”. This is true, but we all know that it’s never one workout. It starts at one, but goes onto two, then a week, etc.

If you set goals day-to-day, you’ll want to challenge yourself when you step inside the gym. Work towards improving yourself every single day. This can be something as simple as increasing your 5- rep max on deadlifts or adding 2.5lb plates to the bar.

As long as your goal is achievable, you’ll enjoy your workouts and stick with them.

Fix your routine itself

A poor workout routine is a time bomb waiting to go off. A workout routine that keeps you in the gym for two to three hours a day will overtrain you. Similarly, a routine that isn’t appropriate for your schedule will ask too much from you—waking up at 4am everyday isn’t realistic.

Instead, find something that suits you. If you genuinely enjoy your workout plan, then you’ll stick to it!

If you remember these key points for your next workout, you’ll end up wanting more. Tackle each day like it’s a new challenge, and remember to take progress pictures. Stay motivated!

Author Bio

This guest article was posted by Lift Heavy Take Multi, a bodybuilding and fitness blog. The motivational website aims to help people get in shape and work towards achieving their goals.

Go raw and be fit,

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Don’t Let the Desk Job Get to You: Keeping Fit at the Office

Today’s article is a special guest post from reader Sohaib. It’s all about simple ways to improve your fitness for those of us who are stuck behind a desk all day. Enjoy! :)

Not all of us work active construction jobs that have us moving all day long. This article is for us who are chained down 9 to 5 at a desk, constantly snacking to beat the boredom. You may not notice it from day to day, but lack of physical exercise can be detrimental to your health. In the long run, you’re doing no good to your body.

Of course, it could be as easy as hitting the gym after work, but there are always excuses. “I don’t have time”, “work gets me all tired”, “I have to finish these reports”. Positions such as sales, managerial roles, and internships are on the rise and more and more individuals are being thrown behind a desk.

Don’t worry, though, there are ways you can stay in shape at work. Your only limit is your imagination—remember that any office item can be turned into an exercise aid. Here are some general guidelines that every desk employee should be applying.


You’d think that you’d hate your desk after working for hours straight. But the surprising thing is that employees tend to eat their lunch there, too! Instead, go outside and have a walk and eat your lunch breathing in some fresh air.

Why not go for a run? While the summer sun is still shining, go out and have a jog outside your office. It doesn’t even have to be serious—just a quick few laps to get your heart racing and off that steady beat. If you work for a bigger company that has a gym, use it! There is no better opportunity to loosen up your joints from all that sitting than a quick session.

The next point here is what you actually eat. Snacks can be extremely tempting sitting on a desk all day, which is understandable. But skip the oily chips and have a piece of fruit, instead.

In addition to being a great source of various vitamins and minerals, fruit is also full of water and fiber. This means an apple or banana will leave you satisfied during those last few hours at work, instead of just craving more junk food.

Your gym is wherever you want it to be

As I said before, your creativity is limited by your imagination. You don’t need a smith machine bolted in the middle of your office just so you can get some exercise. It can be as easy as walking around every half an hour or so. Others may prefer something with a little more intensity:

  • Dips off office chair or table
  • Squats against the wall
  • Lunges around your desk
  • Calve raises holding the door
  • Leaning pushups against the wall
  • Wide grip pushups against the door frame

I could write a book about these. Do not dismiss an exercise idea just because it will look ridiculous—chances are you’ll have your co-workers up and about in a few days, too!


You can take it one step further if you’re in a smaller office with more lenient managers. If you weren’t getting stares before, you will get them now! You can replace your office chair with an exercise ball—this will strengthen your core stability muscles and improve your posture. While everyone else develops back problems, you’ll have your chest puffed out walking around like Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

You could also buy a door-mounted pull up bar. These are a good investment and prove to be cheap in the long-run. They will fit on almost any door frame and are very versatile.

Grab your pull up bar and do some chin-ups a couple of times during the day. Vary the grips you use for a refreshing change—most pull up bars can be used as push up handles as well. Take it off the door frame and pump out a few push ups. If others in your office are up for it, split the costs to buy one for the office. Some quick exercises with a co-worker can make it fun and something to look forward.

These simple habits and exercises will keep you in shape if you don’t have time to go to the gym. They will also loosen up your joints and give you a refreshing burst of energy which will help deal with work and stress.

Remember, though, this isn’t a one day thing. Incorporate fitness at work every day as a part of your routine—it shouldn’t even have to think about exercising after a few weeks, it should come naturally. And remember to always use good form, no one wants to get injured or look like a monkey.

Author Bio

Sohaib is a blogger for Miinto, an online clothing store. When he isn’t hunting out the latest fashion trends, you’ll find him lunging through the office corridor.

P.S. If you’re thinking that you need to spend hours and hours per day exercising, think again. You can workout as much as you want, but if you’re living on beer and burgers, you aren’t going to see the fat loss results you’re longing for.

If you want to burn fat AND get healthy, you have to eat a healthy diet.  That means filling up on fruit, getting in your greens, and cutting back on fat.

And I have just the thing to help you with that:

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