Low Fat Diets Good for Type 1 Diabetes?

There’s abundant evidence that eating a low fat diet is great for, and can even reverse, type 2 diabetes. But what about type 1 diabetes?

Check out the latest evidence in today’s Fit On Raw video.

Click here to check out the abstract.

Go raw and be fit,

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  1. Thanks so much Swayze!

  2. Awesome, good for him! 😀

  3. I have a type 1 diabetic co-worker, and I gave him the movie “Forks over Knives” to watch. After watching it he did not go whole vegan, but he did change his diet to cut waaay down on meat, and he doesn’t do dairy. He’s been able to cut his meds in half by doing this!!!!

  4. Well that’s nice. It just makes sense to feed our bodies low-fat high carb diets.

  5. I put both of them in the description.

  6. Wow, this is great news! I know someone with Type I Diabetes and I’ll let her know about this. :)

  7. can you answer my question above, as to whether its guaranteed safe for type 2 diabetics to eat tons of fruits all day.
    And THEN, what if the person is only part vegan, that is either only eat raw(lots of fruits) just for breakfast or only for breakfast and noon eat only fruits, but then he totally normal for dinner (steak, checkien, pasta, whatever, anything) – is it still safe for this person to eat raw only part of the day?

    Or the fact that the latter part of the day he eats meat, fats etc, makes the eating raw for the first part of the day not dsafe anymore and even “dangerous”?


    heidi Reply:

    i would also like to know this, thanks for bringing up the question, i think though that it is okay to do so no worries

    Swayze Reply:

    The most important thing is keeping fat intake low. Here’s a good FAQ on diabetes from PCRM:


    Damien Reply:

    Hey Swayze, sorry for asking again, but i read the page you gave me and am unsure still…

    I get that low fat is important, but if someone diabetic(type 2) is willing to eat raw in the form of fruits, but only for the breakfast or breakfast and lunch, but definitely want to eat `normal` as in, not super bad, but a bit of everything for dinner meals, like steak etc .

    …since this dinner is probably not super low fat (although nothing exagerated like french fries), does this mean that the eating fruit part is no longer very safe for a diebetic to do? (wouldnt process the fruits well in his system for suagar levels etc) and unless the person choose NOT to eat normal for dinner, he shouldnt go the “fruit as breakfast + lunch” route?

    Sorry for pressing on this, but this the ONE big unanswered questions i am still waiting an answer on before my brother can finally go raw part of the day (if thats fine).


    Hilda Hancock RD Reply:

    No it is not safe for Type 2 diabetics to eat tons of fruit all day long. The sugar i fruit is rapidly absorbed by the body and raises your blood sugars rapidly.Diabetics should only consume about 2 servings of fruit daily.

  8. Just added the link to the abstract above, guys. I believe ScienceDaily has a write up too.

    Rudy Reply:

    Thanks again Swayze,

    “There is strong evidence that free fatty acids impair insulin sensitivity.”

    I’ve been seeing more and more info like this this lately. I find it interesting that the connection between dietary fat and diabetes was known as far back as the 1930s, but it seems that it was virtually ignored by dietary teachers and clinicians, until recently. On the raw food side, Dr Graham was the first author that I know of who came out and said that fat (not fruit) was the problem regarding blood sugar issues and candida.

  9. Thanks, Swayze,

    I would also be interested in seeing the study on Type I Diabetes and high fat diets. Can you provide the link to it?

  10. Hi Swayze thank you, could you next time please provide the URL’s to the studies you are referring to in a video. Thanks.

  11. Do you know where I could access these studies? After a quick search on jstor and pub med I could only find studies on type 2.. I would love to show them to my boyfriend who is a type 1. Thanks for the video!

  12. There’s a lot more info in The China Study book, all supports the low fat vegan/ high plant diet. ‘Tis indeed a great read!
    Thanks Swayze for your great efforts – such fun! :)

  13. so if you suffer from type 2 diabetes,
    you can eat lots of fruits for, lets say breakfast(and maybe at noon) but then eat normal for dinner and its fine?
    and so is eating 100% perfectly(lots of fruits all day) as a vegan?