Why BMI is NOT the Best Marker of Health

Body Mass Index (BMI) is often used as a way to predict one’s body fat percentage and overall health, including his or her risk for various chronic diseases. The problem is that BMI is NOT the best marker of body composition OR health.

Check out today’s Fit On Raw video for the major problems with BMI.

Over to You

What’s your take on the Body Mass Index? Please share in the comments below! :)

Go raw and be fit,

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  1. BMI is useless. Bodyfat % is much better for tracking obesity. Obviously there are MANY other factors if we’re talking health

  2. Good points Swayze, but dont forget its BODY MASS index :) Its not supposed to take into account fat, muscle, cell count :)

  3. Good info.

  4. I’m raw for some time now, young male, my BMI is at 19.5 or so. When calculating this at the university health classes (yeah, we have a health/sports class at Uni, its mostly propaganda :p ) the girl sitting next to me could not believe I was in the “normal” range, she claimed I had to be under since I only eat raw and look skinny. But apparently, the raw diet puts you in just the right range, even though most people are way over it nowadays.

  5. Great points.

  6. Good one Swayze! Too many people still place a lot of emphasis on BMI.