Why Raw Oil is NOT a Health Food

One unfortunate aspect of the mainstream raw food diet is the amount of oil used. Raw foodists are known for eating salads drenched in olive oil, creating oily, dehydrated mixtures, and even adding coconut and flax seed oils to their fruit smoothies!

In addition to all this oil, raw foodists also tend to eat lots of fatty avocados and nuts as well. I think a more fitting name for the mainstream raw food diet would be the oil and avocado diet!

The problem here is that most raw foodists do not see eating all this oil as a negative. I mean, oil is RAW and HEALTHY, right?

Oil Is Not Raw

Many raw foodists will argue that because cold-pressed oils are not heated, they are still raw.

Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of raw:

being in or nearly in the natural state : not processed or purified

Any food that is processed is not raw. Any food that is no longer in its whole state is not raw. Olive oil is clearly a processed food, no longer in its whole state.

Oil is not a raw food.

Oil Is Nothing But Fat

Let’s not fool ourselves here. Oil is 100% pure fat.

A tablespoon of olive oil is about 100 calories, all of which comes from fat. Just because you eat it with a big, healthy bowl of greens and vegetables does not negate the fact that you are eating a tablespoon of fat.

Remember, greens contain very few calories and so a large salad with only a tablespoon or two of oil is still a high-fat meal. And a typical raw food salad includes much more than one measly tablespoon of oil and even *more* fatty ingredients like avocados and nuts.

That’s a lot of fat! :shock:

Oil Is Not Healthy

Some will argue that oil is really a health food, providing necessary monounsaturated fatty acids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

In reality, oil is a highly refined, highly fatty, *empty* calorie food.

That’s right, oil is nothing but EMPTY CALORIES! All of the good stuff, like fiber and water, has been removed. It is no longer a healthy whole food, but a refined mockery of the original.

Even the fat itself in oil is literally “bad,” as it does not take long for fat exposed to oxygen to become rancid.

Pass the bottle of “healthy” rancid liquid fat, please!

These oil supporters are also assuming the “more is better” fallacy. This belief is held by the vast majority of people, who are taught that if a food has more of a particular nutrient, it is automatically better for us.

The problem? The “more is better” belief does not take into account human nutritional requirements. Just because a certain food has more of a specific nutrient does NOT mean that it is automatically better for us.

In fact, as is the case with fatty oil, too much is often a very bad thing that has some very bad consequences!

To find out more about the problems of eating a high fat diet, check out my article here.

The Verdict?

Let that oil spoil!

This fatty liquid is doing nothing in terms of fostering health. It will serve you well to get rid of the stuff for good.

If you feel that you must consume oils in your meals, make sure to keep the amounts to a minimum (i.e. 1 tbsp) and to avoid consuming with sweet fruit of any kind.

This food combining rule applies to all overt fats, even healthy raw ones like avocados and nuts and seeds.

Go raw and be fit,


P.S. If you find it next to impossible to enjoy your dinner salad without a bit of fatty oil, you may want to check out Roger Haeskeā€™s idiot-proof recipe system, Savory Veggie Stews.

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Enjoy! :)