Every raw foodist, myself included, has struggled with staying raw at some point in their raw journey.  This is especially true when traveling. With summer now upon us and people gearing up for vacation, the thought of maintaining a “strict” raw vegan diet AND planning time away is just too much.

This just doesn’t seem right. Traveling is supposed to be FUN!  Eating raw and experiencing optimal health is supposed to be FUN!  Putting the two things together should be EXTRA FUN, right?

I mean, eating raw is so easy for me in my everyday life. I should definitely be able to make it just as easy during my time away!

Well, I got the perfect chance to test my theory this past weekend during my little family vacation. And you know what? I was right!  Traveling raw can AND should be super fun AND easy, as long as you stick to a few guidelines.

So watch this little video below and find out my 4 simple tips for staying 100% raw while traveling.

SIDE NOTE: Sorry about the video quality…I know it’s not so great. 😉